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LUXGENWorld.com 暫停更新 (七月 31, 2017 9:09 上午)
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LUXGENWorld.com 暫停更新

許多汽車愛好者問我們XPro2將會在剩下的第三個或第四個季度以及2018年的時間裡做些什麼? XPro2高興地宣布,我們有令人興奮的發展,案子,以及將繼續與台灣汽車業合作,創造驚人的里程碑。

許多人知道XPro2多年來建立了LUXGENWorld。可悲的是,LUXGENWorld即將結束了。我們將不再繼續維持LUXGENWorld 網站與臉書的運作。

接下來,我們停止了與LUXGEN品牌合作的計劃。 LUXGEN在專業性、價值、文化、倫理和產品…等方面,未能與XPro2達到共識。



XPro2 團隊

Home Version Two


Many of automotive enthusiasts asked us that XPro2 will do for the remaining 3rd/4th 2017 quarters as well as 2018? XPro2 is pleased to announce that we have exciting ventures, project, as well will continue to cooperate with Taiwan automotive industry to bring great venues.

Many of you aware that XPro2 hosted LUXGENWorld for many years. Sadly, LUXGENWorld has come to to end of the it’s time. We will no longer to keep LUXGENWorld webite and facebook running.

For years, LUXGENWorld.com serve the purpose of the presenting technical and useful articles to LUXGEN vehicle owners as well as extending brand/product image, and we appreciated receiving years of support from friends.

At current, we have no plan cooperating with LUXGEN brand. XPro2 has not been able to affiliated with LUXGEN brand practice in term of professionalism, value, culture, ethic and products.

LUXGENWorld.com has built up many technical articles and will keep available for few more months.

Should you have any questions please leave message and follow XPro2 facebook and website.

Happy motoring,
Team XPro2



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