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xpro2 disc




flywheelPix:  原廠1.8T 手牌變速箱飛輪

As you are aware, the critical components avoiding drivetrain power loss is the clutch setup.  A wear clutch system can lead to poor fuel economy and loose of power delivered to the wheels.

The factory clutch setup provides a smooth clutch pressure and engagement for daily driving as well holds the adequate 1.8T 150 crank hp.  However, the factory stock clutch start to slip as soon as engine providing beyond 180hp, especially it was not good enough to deal with the torque output of the engine.




clutch compare

From the picture, the stock clutch disc featured organic friction material with adequate pressure plate clamping force.


stock discPix:  stock clutch disc


The developed XPro2 clutch uses higher clamping force pressure plate, yet still offers stock like pressure for street drivability.  The clutch disc features extremely durable, Sprung Ceramic disc.  This is the ultimate extreme duty street and road racing system. It is designed with 6 wing configuration mainly for street/racing application. The sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications, rendering it much more street friendly than solid or rigid designs. This disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity, and rapid heat dissipation.


xpro2 discPix:  200~300hp clutch disc

If you ever wonder why you are loosing power (stock or up power), or even loosing fuel economy, it’s time to check your clutch system.




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