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Update:  Nov. 19, 2014

The LUXGEN engine is very robust as proven through all the track testings.  However, it’s not enough to fulfill the taste of team XPro2.  We are hungry for more power and track lap times.  We believe the equation of power, reliability, drivability, and track lap time adds up, it will be good enough putting the improved technology onto the road and feedback to the LUXGEN enthusiast.

DCIM100GOPROPicture:  Team XPro2 in engine & shock absorber assembly room.  From left to right, Strong (engine engineer); Stan (CEO, pro race car driver); Max (Chief engineer)

The cylinder head is bing tested for combustion chamber volume with fluid test.



Is this all?  Of course not… Read on….

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure



Pile of LUXGEN engine bolts and nuts are found on workshop floor.  Recycle or not?  A saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

LUXGEN manual transmission

LUXGEN manual transmission is fitted onto S5 TURBO 1.8T model (150 bhp), and we have successfully ran 250hp power plant on it without any single failure.  Thereof, pulling all the inventories throughout the development process, there are three different final drive ratio every introduced.






Time to install the 9.1:1 forged piston for upcoming test sessions

01_piston copy

03_cylinder head allPicture:  Left-> Strong is fine grinding off sharp edges and fine adjusting the combustion chamber volume for measurement.  Right-> Max is preparing the engine.



Please stay with us for more updates through development.

Luxgen S5 test-3



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