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XPro2 U6 GT230 Wins at OTGP (EN)

Continue with outstanding XPro2 M+ GT 230hp established the fastest lap record at PIC, the team thought that it will be nice sending the “Street Prepared” XPro2 U6 GT230 to OTGP for a full shake down.  How will a complete street street form setup do on track?

Let’s do it!

Fastest domestic production SUV on track!

19_2364“The Only Way is Go Pro, That is XPro2″…. complete street setup for comfort and durability


Arrives at PIC

We arrives at PIC Friday afternoon, few words can describe the weather…. BEAUTIFUL, and HOT!  HOT!  HOT!5_1779_scene



GEARS has becoming XPro2 official MOTORSPORT SPONSOR & marketing partner.  Many exciting products from GEARS were displayed, range from racing shocks, street shocks, ATV & scooter shocks.17_2344 28_1958



Who’s the best suitable driver for the XPro2 built U6 GT230?  Mr. Michael Lee 李明毅, LUXGEN product manager for both S5 TURBO and U6 TURBO.  As you can see, he is putting on the helmet (XPro2 pro driver Stan’s helmet) and inserting the glasses.  The picture on far right shows his TV interview during the U6 Sports+ press event.

Mr. Michael Lee 李明毅 has no prior racing experience, however, he was trained and guid by XPro2 pro driver Stan on countless training events.  Team XPro2 was all very excited seeing Mr. Lee behind the wheels on track.

The vehicle competed in time attack group, “LUXGEN CUP” which was sponsored by XPro2 / LUXGEN.




The exciting display was the XPro2 stunt police car.  It received much attention.


Many of the competitors from LUXGEN Club joined us at Pit Box checking out the XPro2 built U6 GT320.6_1791


These are the most valuable team staffs whom made all happened.  Photo on the left:  Chief engineer Mr. Wu; Photo on the right: team coordinator Monkey7_1795

Photo below:  Mr. Wu conducting chassis adjustment.



Oh wait!  Look here for a photo.  Wow!


A VIEW of PenBay16_2340


The begin of the race started off with excitement.  LUXGEN driver/product manager Michael charge the U6 GT230 through the crowd and accelerated with style.


The other LUXGEN vehicles also taking a harsh fighting for pole position.12_1987

LUXGEN driver/product manager Mr. Michael Lee came in for a quick stop for tire pressure adjustment.8_1934


Race finished with style.  All the teams displayed their vehicles and race queen.  A nice shot of the race queen and XPro2 pit box.20_2381

People snap photos of the XPro2 stunt police car.22_2398




Congratulation POLE POSITION

Michael Lee took the first place win position.  This man is full of driving talent.  First time behind the wheel in time attack competition.  Congratulation!24_2431.2

Time sheet:  Michael Lee’s best lap time was achieved at 2:17.065, which is the fastest among the LUXGEN group,  which is ahead of the other S5 and U6.final time sheet

1st place trophy next to GT230.26_2446



Some photos of other LUXGEN vehicles in competition.other


Special thanks to sponsors/marketing partners:

Team XPro2
Touchdown Wheels
Thanks to the following people:
Crews at LUXGEN 屏東生活館
Allen Sung (LUXGEN sales consultant)
Orange (Orange Trucking Company)
GEARS-Racing crews (Facebook)
GT230 specification sheet
U6 GT230 spec sheet r3



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