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Daily Archives: "六月 11, 2014"


U6 TURBO SPORTS+ Launch + 電視廣告【Mo...

六月 11, 2014Comments off

The exciting U6 TURBO Sports+ are yours ready! U6 TURBO SPORTS+電視廣告【More Love 篇 30秒】     價 […]


Stan 教室

六月 11, 2014Comments off

Stan classroom is a new addition to the LUXGENWorld DIY & lifestyle articles to bring more knowl […]

boombox banner

U6 Boombox 內置揚聲器

六月 11, 2014Comments off

Ok guys, 我知道這是不公平的。請不要生我們的氣。 XPro2 GT230 配置了 40瓦 boombox 揚聲器.  夠酷了吧?  Not only the vehicle is built […]