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LUXGENWorld.com 暫停更新 (七月 31, 2017 9:09 上午)
氣、油、音、煙–養車4大秘訣 (三月 17, 2017 5:08 下午)
引擎咑噠哒…就是爆震嗎? (三月 1, 2017 12:11 下午)
卡鉗含著不放的尖叫聲… (二月 23, 2017 5:32 下午)

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LUXGENWorld provided by Team XPro2

[Anything and everything about LUXGEN]

Team XPro2很榮幸主持LUXGENWorld,為LUXGEN和非LUXGEN車主提供DIY以及技術文章.

Team XPro2在汽車產業的各式各樣活動與服務有很長的歷史,其中包括產品開發,教育訓練,市場開發與行銷,動態表演,賽車運動等.我們將我們在LUXGEN的經驗,知識和技術訊息分享給各位.





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We, at XPro2 is honor hosting LUXGENWorld for the LUXGEN owners and none LUXGEN owners providing (DIY) Do It Yourself and technical articles.
Team XPro2 has a long history with automotive industries in various activities/services, including product development, training, creative marketing, driving events, motorsports, etc.  We share our LUXGEN experiences, knowledge, and technical information to you all.
This is a none profit site without any business activities.  No product marketing or selling will be offered here.
Regular technical seminars will be hosted.  Please bookmark http://www.luxgenworld.com and follow us at facebook.com/xpro2
Thank you for your support!
Team XPro2



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